2 Kickstarter Ideas

Tell me what you think about the following ideas, and/or if you have any other ideas for Kickstarter projects that you think might be a good fit.

I’m not yet committed to the idea of doing a Kickstarter but have been thinking a lot about my kids and what they’ll remember about me as they grow up.  I’d love to be able to work on a project for people that also benefits my kids.

So a couple ideas I had:

  1. Free Online Transcription Tool (HTML5 Canvas + Webkit Audio API) – mobile responsive, touch enabled, visual piano keyboard where you can press the keys and then see the notes appear on the staff, drag notes around, and whatever automatic intelligence I can give to it to auto-draw measures, etc. etc., plus the ability to export as JPG and export/import as JSON.  So you can plunk out melodies by ear and then see what the notes actually look like so you can either play it back yourself or share with others.  Always free, just maybe some Google Ads on the same page so I can get a tiny revenue stream.
  2. Bring the old website back with Voting Power, Song Requests, and online profiles that you guys can add to the site to get to know each other outside of social media (i.e. very low danger of getting flooded with posts or emails or bots).  And then I could set up some way to communicate with you on occasion, maybe to review videos you link from YouTube or something.  This would have to be monetized somehow and I’d have to limit my time so it doesn’t take away from my family, but I’m open to the idea.

Please take a minute and share your thoughts.  Thanks!

I’m not planning on publishing any of the comments so this is just between you and me.  (Hence the dev.benchanmusic.com domain name!)

BOOM, new website!

I’ve always created my own websites from scratch, so this is the first time I’ve decided to use a pre-built CRM.  So far it’s been a BLAST not having to code anything in particular!  The only hard part was getting the server itself set up, but I got through the process without too much difficulty.

I’ve decided to start doing Live Streaming on YouTube – I’m not sure what frequency I can handle, but so far it’s been really fun and I’ve learned a lot about myself and about you, too.

I don’t really have specific plans for what do with this website, but I’m leaning towards putting up polls, surveys, etc., i.e. interactive stuff that will help me get to know all you visitors/fans better.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this new adventure!